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Return Policy

Purchases from DiamondDreamUSA.com should always meet or exceed your expectations.  However, if for any reason you are not satisfied, we are pleased to offer a fourteen (14) day return policy on all purchases.


*Exchanges: We do not offer the traditional exchange process -- rather, we handle exchanges as the return and credit (to your original credit card) of one or more items, after which you can reorder the new item(s) you desire via our website as a new order. 


We have switched to this policy to avoid mistakes that can occur when an employee is attempting to order the new item on your behalf (esp. when reading a handwritten note which is normally what was included with exchanges) -- this way you can ensure the order is exact, and can verify other details including shipping address, etc.  Thus please simply use the return directions below to initiate your exchange and you can reorder the alternative item after receiving your credit.


To return an item, please verify you understand our return policy conditions below and then simply


1. Contact us to inform us that you will be returning the item and to obtain your RMA number (RMA = return merchandise authorization).  Ideally, we'd love to hear the reason for your return, but it is not required.  However, it is required that you obtain an RMA or the return will not be processed. 


The reason for the RMA is to ensure we can quickly identify where the return came from, as we sometimes would receive an item back with no information as to who it came from or who to credit, resulting in a lot of wasted time and effort to simply process a return...hence the requirement for the RMA to be issued and on the front of the package.

*Please DO NOT call for an RMA.  As we do not provide phone support, we do not check voicemail every day and your RMA will most likely be delayed if you ask for it by leaving a message on our voicemail system.  All e-mail's will be answered within 2 business days.

2. Ensure you are returning all the original packaging in *as new* and resell-able condition (i.e., normally the ring or earring box, the foam outer liner for the box, and the white cardboard outer box). Do not tape the outer white cardboard box!  If any part of the gift box or its related packaging is not returned or damaged (including failing to return the foam liner or the white outer decorative box), we will have to charge you $15 for replacing the decorative box as we cannot reuse if either item is damaged or missing!

3. Secure your item and the entire original packing materials, including receipt, in a plainly wrapped cardboard box (the post office has these available if you do not).


4. Send the package via a traceable carrier so that you can track your package if necessary.  DiamondDreamUSA.com will not send e-mail confirmation for packages received.  For your protection, please insure the package for the full amount of the invoice plus shipping charges. DiamondDreamUSA.com is not responsible for items lost or damaged while shipping.

*If you send your return via any form of USPS signature-required mail, please expect a one to two week delay in addition to the regular processing time for returns.

5. Clearly print your name and address on the outside of the package in the return area.


Mail the package to:



Attn.: Returns/RMA# [your RMA number here]

825 Great Northern Blvd. #204

PO Box 5043

Helena, Montana 59601


Please be careful: You should NOT write our full company name (DiamondDreamUSA.com), jewelry, diamonds or other luxury-related words anywhere on the package, as this invites possible theft of the package.


Conditions of Return: Returns are simple, but are subject to certain rules:


  Packages without a return authorization number clearly displayed on the outside of the package will not be accepted for refund.


  The item MUST be received at DiamondDreamUSA.com WITHIN FOURTEEN (14) DAYS from the date of receipt of the order (as verified by FEDEX OR USPS) from DiamondDreamUSA.com. Any items received after (14) fourteen days from the arrival date will not be accepted for refund.


Each item must be returned in the same condition as it was sent, unworn and undamaged. Damaged goods due to client negligence will not be accepted for refund. Worn goods as evidenced by micro-scratches, scratches, dirt, etc., will not be accepted.


For rings, the original DiamondDreamUSA.com security tag must still be on the item in order for refunds to be processed. DiamondDreamUSA.com will not process the refund otherwise.

Please ensure the decorative packaging for the jewelry item is returned in as-new, undamaged condition!  If we cannot reuse the box (due to taping the outer white box together, failing to return the inner foam liner, outer white cardboard box, and/or the inner decorative box), then we will need to charge you $15 for the box.


  We offer a full 100% refund on the price paid for all returns, with the exception of rings and orders containing multiple loose stones.


This is important for completed rings: Because we customize our rings to your exact specifications (your exact ring size, prong style, choice of stone orientation, set high, set low, etc.) there is a 10% lost-labor fee for all returned rings that have been shipped as ready-to-wear rings.  This includes cases where you have ordered, and then canceled before we have shipped your ring, as we will still lose labor that was done on your order once placed (casting, assembly and sizing to your ring specifications). 

Our goal is to deliver you the ring of your dreams, and to do that we allow you to customize your ring order to your specifications and our setters strive to complete your ring to Tiffany's quality.  However, to do this at our current pricing requires that we charge lost labor fees on returned rings and canceled order rings due to unrecoverable labor costs and the near impossibility of matching customized rings (which we have been customized by you to your taste) to future customers.  Returned rings must be torn down to their component parts, and the prong heads melted back down (prongs are non-reusable), which incurs further unrecoverable labor costs on our part.  We must charge this restocking fee to partially offset our unrecoverable labor costs in order to continue to sell our rings at Internet-direct pricing.  The same 10% restocking fee applies to ring order cancellations.

Important for orders containing multiple loose stones:  Our loose stone inventory is often limited in certain cuts and sizes and to order multiple loose stones for viewing, comparing, and returning at a later date means that you are potentially depriving someone else the opportunity to order the stone that they really want.  On top of that, we must clean, inspect, and return every loose stone to inventory, which incurs labor costs on our end.  Hence, for loose stone orders containing more than one loose stone, there is a 3% restocking fee for each loose stone returned.  In order to prevent people from making multiple single stone orders to get around the restocking fee, the 3% restocking fee will be applied to returns from all consecutive loose stone orders made by the same customer or sent to the same shipping address within a 15 day period.


Additional Notes:


  Special orders and auction items cannot be refunded unless there is an error on behalf of DiamondDreamUSA.com.


  DiamondDreamUSA.com will not refund shipping, handling and insurance charges for shipping the returned item back to DiamondDreamUSA.com. DDUSA will refund shipping and handling costs only if the return is a result of DDUSA's error. Refunds will be made in the same form as the original purchase.

We will not 'trade-in' or 'exchange' purchases after the 14-day return period has expired. Thus, we will not accept requests to 'trade-in' your previous setting for a new setting we have made that you like better after your purchase, or to 'trade-in' your stone of one cut for a new cut that we have recently offered, or to trade-in for a different metal (i.e., yellow gold for platinum).


Return shipping insurance is the responsibility of the buyer, therefore, items damaged during the return shall be sent back to customer with no refund


Return Time:


  Returns take approximately five business days to process upon receipt of the item.  We will e-mail you to notify you once your return has been processed.


Again, please return every item WITHIN 14 DAYS FOLLOWING THE DATE you received your purchase, along with all of its original materials. If you have any questions, contact one of our customer service representatives.


Please note that our walk in store may have different policies then our online store.