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Diamond Dream Wholesale and Supply began in Helena, Montana in 1984. We soon found that it was hard to run a wholesale Diamond and Jewelry Business in Montana. In late 1985 we teamed up with a gentleman, by the name of Al Grosjean, out of Provo, Utah who took us under his wing, or so to speak, and taught us the business. We moved to Utah in early 1986 and trained under Mr. Grosjean. Our first public location opened in downtown Ogden in early 1987. After that, the business grew quickly, a second location was opened in downtown Salt Lake City, two years later. In 1992 we opened our third location in Spokane, Washington. We closed the business on a temporary basis in 1998, and moved back to Montana so that my wife and I could raise our children in Montana and be closer to family.

Today we find the world has become a smaller place because of the Internet and overnight air services. We are now proving that it is possible to make a diamond brokerage/jewelry business work well in Helena, Montana. In late 2004, we reopened the business in downtown Helena, Montana. Things are going great and we are proud to be back in business in Montana where it all started.