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Our Process

We offer to you a full service jewelry buying experience that is unparalleled to anything of its kind.

We take pride in that what we do is different: night and day different.

Try us, to experience a refreshing new way to buy a diamond. One of the many things that we do different is to give you an education about how to buy a diamond. Not an education like most stores do, but we actually teach customers how to grade a diamond themselves. It is very important as you will soon find out. It is not rocket science, and it is not hard at all to learn what kind of diamond you may be buying. Why trust anyone else? Let us teach you so that you will have the knowledge to make an educated decision when buying your diamond.

We do not utilize any high pressure tactics. Instead we educate you, and then tell you to go out and shop. It has been amazing over the years that ninety to ninety-five percent of the people we educate, come back and buy from us. We have always said that we will compete on the world wide market place regardless of where you are shopping. We have even had people fly off to New York and yes, even Belgium, only to come back and tell us they could get a better buy from us.

We will not be undersold by any retail jewelry store.

If someone is trying to tell you they are selling to you at a wholesale price, they should not be ashamed to show you the wholesale diamond price index. This is how you know you are getting a wholesale price. Let us show you the "blue book," the bible the jewelers use, to assure that you are getting a wholesale price. We don't just use words, we back it up with proof.

We are very good at what we do and would like a chance to prove it to you.

* DISCLAIMER: All prices are based on $1600.00 gold spot price. We reserve the right to change the price, based on current gold spot prices. If this happens, we will contact you before fulfilling the order for your approval..