Diamond Dream

Diamond Dream Wholesale and Supply began in Helena, Montana in 1984.

Finding that it was hard to run a wholesale Diamond and Jewelry Business in Montana, (not enough jewelers to sell to), we teamed up with a gentleman, by the name of Al Grosjean, out of Provo, Utah in late 1985. He took me under his wing, or so to speak, and taught me the business. In early 1986 I moved to Utah and trained under Mr. Grosjean.

Our first public location opened in downtown Ogden in early 1987. The business grew quickly, and we added a second location in downtown Salt Lake City, two years later. My third location was opened in Spokane, Washington in 1992. I closed the business, temporarily in 1998 and moved back to Montana so that my wife and I could raise our children in Montana and be closer to family.

Diamond Dream then became a major supplier of diamonds, jewelry, tools, and equipment in Utah and neighboring states, to jewelry stores and to the public.


Did You Know?