I am confused... everyone seems to claim to have the best price and best product. How can I know that I am getting the best price and best product when I go to buy a diamond?

This is one place that we really shine. First, like buying anything, you need to learn about the product you are buying, so that you can make an informed decision. We, at Diamond Dream, will give you an education on buying a diamond that is unparallel to anything we have seen in our thirty plus years of doing business. We will do this at no charge. It generally takes approximately 30-45 minutes of your time. If you cannot pick up a diamond and grade it, you do not know enough about diamonds to be investing your money in diamonds.

Let us show you how simple it really is. Most people rush into a diamond purchase without enough education. We will educate you for free. Therefore, we operate by appointment only. We want to give you our undivided attention, so you can make an


informed diamond/jewelry purchase. Something else that causes confusion, is that you are dealing in an emotionally charged atmosphere. People sometimes do not use common sense when they have “stars” in their eyes. Don’t fall for the high-pressure lines that many salesmen have used over the years, such as “Don’t you love her/him enough to buy this?” or “this is the last one we have in stock and if you don’t get it today, we cannot guarantee you will ever be able to get this good of a buy again.” “Look at the way that ring lights up her/his face, how can you put a price tag on that! You’re only going to make this purchase once in your life, aren’t you?” Know what you are doing first!

Why can you save me so much money compared to what I find at my favorite jewelry store downtown or in the mall?

The answer is simple. We are a wholesaler. The jewelers referred to above are retailers. We are in a different end of the business. One thing that will be very apparent to you when you first call, is that we are very different in the way we operate compared to the conventional jeweler. We are full service and can do anything that you will find from a conventional jeweler plus much, much more. In the conventional jewelry store you are not just paying for the jewelry that you buy; you are also paying for the fancy storefront, carpeting, lighting and salesmen standing around. These items all add to the cost of doing business equaling the amount of profit they have to charge, just to break even.

I cannot find your address. I have seen your ads in numerous places, but I never see an address. Why is this?

We, at one time, published our address. We would include the words “by appointment only” next to the address, but people would still show up without appointments. They would then find themselves in our waiting room as they observed other people walking by in front of them. This would get people upset and they would leave. The reason this would happen, is the other people had an appointment. We take our appointments first. We will get to you as fast as we can if you don’t have an appointment but do expect a 2-3 hour wait. We operate by appointment only. We are not a typical walk-in jewelry store operation. We are set up to deal with a couple of customers at a time, so that we can give you our full, undivided attention when you are purchasing something as important as exquisite jewelry. We do not publish our address, so I recommend that you call first.

With that said, our current business address is: 40 West 14th Street, Suite 2F, Great Northern Town Center, Helena, Montana, 59601. Call first, We are always available by telephone during business hours even if we are not at the office. When we are out on deliveries the phone follows us around via cell phone. You can always get us by phone.

What are your store hours?

We generally work by appointment, see preceding question. However, our hours are 11 A.M. to 6 P.M., Tuesday through Friday and Saturdays noon to 5. This does not mean that we are always at our business location between these hours. For example, if a jeweler call and needs something delivered, we may leave to deliver the item, and it may appear we are closed. If you show up at our business and no one is there, call us at (406)449-4653 (GOLD) and we will let you know when we will be back. You will find that you are always able to reach us at our phone number between the hours listed. Call (406)449-GOLD (4653).