With you present, we will appraise your jewelry items for you for no charge, (see details below).

Free Appraisals

With you present, we will appraise your jewelry items for you for no charge, (see details below).

Area’s largest buyer of used Jewelry, Diamonds and Coins, Paying Top Dollar for All types of Gold & Silver plus Diamonds

We pay top dollar for any type of Gold, Silver, or Platinum. We buy it in the form of jewelry, dental gold (old teeth), placer gold (mined in the hills around Helena or elsewhere), gold and silver coins. We also pay top dollar for any type of diamonds, even if they are broken or less then desirable cut (example, old miner cuts, old European cuts, etc.). We even buy some colored gemstones.

We tell our customers to make us your last stop. Shop around and bring your items to us last. You will see that we are paying more than anyone else.

Our Customers

Rather, we will spend 30 minutes or more with you and teach you what the item(s) you have is really worth. No one is going to be giving you a fair price if all they do is Then we will explain to you the four different ways for you to sell your prized possession. Everything that I can think of will fall into one of these four categories.

We will show you the pros and the cons, the dos and the don’ts, of each of these categories. Then you can pick which is best for you. The third category is selling it to us. We will give you several options in that category, including a cash price. When we are done, you owe us nothing for our time. The real object here, is not to necessarily buy your jewelry, (as we get hundreds of pieces of jewelry every month from Pawn Shops, Jewelers, and the public alike), but to teach you about your options. This is the same method we use when we are selling you something.

This gives you an example of how we operate our business. We will make you a fair offer, and you will soon see that we pay more then anyone else. Now you see the real reason for what we do. It is a way to earn your business.

If we can help you in your time of need, most people seem to remember us when they need a new piece of jewelry.