What Do We Sell?

We do not just sell diamonds; we offer a wide variety of products within the jewelry industry. We like to explain that we sell everything from a simple pendant to a Rolex watch.

We do, however, specialize in Diamonds, and we import diamonds from Israel, Belgium, and India.
We offer a complete line of jeweler’s tools and equipment. We offer full service for the jeweler as well as the public. We will help you create a custom piece of jewelry from your ideas, or you can pick from the thousands upon thousands of rings, wedding or engagement, dinner rings, remounts, also earrings and gold chain. We have all these items available to you.

In addition to our showroom, we also have over two hundred catalogs from jewelry sources. We can generally find any jewelry item you may have seen anywhere in the last twenty years or more.

We offer a full-service brokerage business. If you have an old ring or diamond that you might want to dispose of, think again, we might be able to help you make it into a vibrant new piece of jewelry.
We are also one of the few places that will be happy to pay a fair value for any old diamonds you may have, even if the diamond or jewelry is broken or in bad shape.

We have one of the best diamond cutters available to recut or reshape your diamonds.